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since 1980

Over the years, Oliver Treutlein has developed to become one of the leading international carpet designers and manufacturers.

The carpets created at the OT facility are true works of art, stimulating the mind and the senses with their beauty and artistic richness. Made by hand from precious natural fibres such as pure silk, cool linen or finest New Zealand virgin wool, these carpets are the cosmos in which Oliver Treutlein and his wife Elke live.

OT designs and produces unique, hand-tufted carpets.

Since its foundation in 1980, the company has been running its business from its headquarters in the German town of Meerbusch, between Düsseldorf and Krefeld, in a region whose history has long been interwoven with that of the textile industry.

Here, from the moment when the very first sketch is made to the moment when the unique product is finished, magnificent one-off and wall-to-wall carpets are created. And the raw materials are processed with the same lavish attention to detail as they were 100 years ago.

Work at OT centres around the highest standards, attention to detail and precision, and this makes itself felt at all corporate levels. It applies particularly to large-scale yacht projects, for which Oliver Treutlein developed a great passion as long ago as the early 90s.

Whether it’s a new vessel or a refit, and wherever it may be, each certified carpet is delivered and precision-fitted on site by OT’s own staff. After all, the excellence of the end product can only be guaranteed if personal responsibility is taken for every single operation and every single detail.

All the departments of OT benefit from the expertise acquired in our day-to-day work at the wharves on vessels that might be termed ‘castles of the new age’.

Collaboration with renowned international designers gives rise to carpet collections that fit in perfectly with the requirements of our exclusive interior designers. The OT range features rugs and large one-off carpets, wall-to-wall carpets and stair carpets. You’ll find OT carpets wherever great value is placed on exclusive reception, a pleasant atmosphere and individual style:
In hotels, embassies, theatres and banks, but also in private residences, yachts and aircraft.


For our customers, carpets are created daily in our manufactory, which is available only once. The handcrafted unique pieces are based to a large extent on designs of our creative team.

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