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40670 Meerbusch
Tel.: +49 (0) 2159 4017
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E-mail: mail@olivertreutlein.com

Managing director: Oliver Treutlein
Commercial register entry:
Neuss Lower District Court HBR 8941
Intra-Community VAT no. DE 812324214

Though we take great care in checking the contents of our site, we cannot assume any liability for the contents of external links. The operators of linked pages alone are responsible for their contents.

Data protection:
Each time an Internet user accesses a page of the www.olivertreutlein.com website, and each time a file is retrieved, data relevant to the procedure are stored in a protocol file. These data are not personal. That means that we cannot ascertain which Internet user retrieved the data.

The following data are in fact stored: the name of the file retrieved, the date and time of retrieval, the quantity of data transmitted, and a statement of whether or not the retrieval was successful. What is not stored is the IP address of the computer from which the enquiry was sent. It is thus not possible to create personal user profiles. If the data are actually used at all, they will be evaluated for statistical purposes. No data are passed on to any third parties.

We do not use cookies. Neither do we use any other technologies by means of which users’ access behaviour might be retraced.

If you have any questions on data protection please contact info@olivertreutlein.com

On our website, users can enter personal or business data, for example their e-mail address, name and address. Entries such as these by the user in the contact zone are entirely voluntary.

Oliver Treutlein GmbH expressly reserves the right to refuse to process an enquiry if in doubt and the right to delete data from the system without prior notice or explanation.

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